In the spirit of play – something new

By October 21, 2013Inspiration

In the process of creating a body of work for a new show I find there are times when I become bogged down in the painting process.  I get too close to it and lose my ability to assess where and how I am going.  In a fit of frustration with my painting recently I took to a palm frond sitting amongst the debris on my studio floor.  Behold, the inner devil was revealed!  ‘Self portrait’, ‘Dancing on the outside’ and ‘Squid guy’ are my first attempt at 3D work.  Come along to see my show, Playing with the landscape at Noosa Regional Gallery and see them in the ‘flesh’.

'Self portrait' 2013/palm frond & paint

‘Self portrait’ 2013/palm frond & paint

Amy Clarke  scultures oct 13 low res-3

Dancing on the outside 2013/palm frond & paint

Squid guy 2013/palm frond & paint

Squid guy 2013/palm frond & paint